The world is looking at greener ways to live. Taimako takes up the mantle of sustainability and looks to implement various initiatives to support the 'green cause'.
Targets 7.1 of the SDGs paint the picture Taimako looks to achieve on the grassroot level in marginalized communities in Ghana. The target of ensuring access to affordable, reliable and renewable energy highly appeals to us and we look to implement robust projects to place us on the world's trajectory of energy sustainability and longevity.


by Ben Sackey

Northen Region, Ghana, Ghana

The importance of electricity cannot be overstated. To the rural communities, lack of a

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Why Support Renewable Energy?

The world we live in has been sensitized on the repercussions of several years of careless energy production schemes. In guiding our developing local communities to make better energy creation decisions, we are ensuring that their energy usage does not compound to the already existing issues related to energy production and usage in our part of the world. The projects we look to implement in this core area will vastly contribute to the global community's effort to tackle the Global Warming and Energy crises.

Approximately 620 million people lack access to electricity in the Sub-Saharan Region impeding growth projection of the area.

Solar energy is promising in terms of geographical distribution: albeit with varying potentials could be harnessed virtually everywhere in Africa.

The energy sector in sub-Saharan Africa can become 100% renewable by 2050, leading to lower energy costs, better health and environment in 2050.