Unlocking the potential of SMEs

Empowering SME's

As a progressive entity with an eye on present and future advantages, we realize the potential economic benefits of a successful SME incubator scheme. The synergetic effect of grooming employers who in turn employ and remunerate their support staff is not lost on us. A production based economy supported by viable business ideas from local players is invaluable to the drive towards prosperity and economic freedom. Through our SME incubator scheme we have identified the underlisted SMEs who through their efforts are making impactful change in their communities. They require assistance from donors and investors alike to ensure their efforts for development in their communities are not in vain.
Asaasepa Limited

Farm Service Provider - Cocoa
Diaso - Central Region, Ghana

Emmapex Ghana Ltd

Farm Service Provider - Cocoa
Asantekrom - Western Region, Ghana

Boafo Labour Service

Farm Service Provider - Cocoa
Nsuonsa - Western Region, Ghana

Bomfa Plantation Development

Oil Palm Plantation
Bomfa - Ashanti Region, Ghana

Cocoa Mmaa

Farm Service Provider - Cocoa
Dunkwa - Central Region, Ghana

Greenage Group Ltd

Farm Service Provider - Oil Palm
Assin Fosu - Central Region, Ghana

Nat-K Royal Company Ltd

Farm Service Provider - Oil Palm
Kade - Eastern Region, Ghana

L&L Agro Input Services

Farm Service Provider - Cocoa
Nsawra - Western Region, Ghana

Jopocos Limited

Farm Service Provider - Oil Palm
Juaben - Ashanti Region, Ghana

Agrisus Consult Company Ltd.

Farm Service Provider - Cocoa
Punikrom - Western Region, Ghana

Ahwesofopa Company Limited

Farm Service Provider - Cocoa
Mim - Ahafo Region, Ghana