Taimako Research Grant

Campaign Story

Society is riddled by many challenges; these challenges have over the years impoverished our society and concealed the Innovative capacities of our human capital base. We identify the stern barriers that hinder agricultural transformation, we recognize the huge potential in our renewable energy sector that remains untapped, we acknowledge the behavioral patterns that affect the sustenance of our water bodies and we accept our role as agents of change to remedy these situations. As an organization that is intrinsically wired to be methodological; we place a high premium on research-based solutions. At Taimako, we believe that we can only address the constituency of challenges we face through systematic and data driven research. There is the need to veer from the sensationalist and intuitive approach to resolving our problems. This is the premise on which our research grant is launched”.

Applications are now opened to offer grants to students to undertake research in a number of key areas vital to Taimako’s core areas and initiatives Agriculture, Women and Youth Empowerment, Financial Inclusion, Water and Renewable Energy and with this hope to unravel the challenges local communities are facing and provide sustainable solutions in that respect.