Taimako has realized the significance of money in our everyday societies. Unfortunately the vast majority of rural communities are lacking in that department and here we look to capitalize on that deficiency and introduce initiatives that provide rural communities the needed know-how to manage their monies. This is mirrored in The SDG 1 which looks to eliminate poverty in all its forms. By providing marginalized communities with monetary skills, we contribute in our capacity to eliminate the scourge of poverty.

Distribution of VSLA kits to rural communities.

by Ben Sackey

Northen Region, Ghana, Ghana

Inline with key determinants we have identified as important in solidifying development

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Why Support Financial Inclusion?

The relevance of money in our societal setups cannot be ignored. This is realized in our everyday lives as we use money to perform daily transactions and human-to-human interactions. Taimako pinpoints this importance and looks to introduce initiatives that push for financial literacy in marginalized communities.

Only 40.5% of adult Ghanaians in rural areas have an account at a financial institution.

Financial access across Ghana's demographic is still very low, particularly among women, poor and rural citizens.

The World Bank iterates that Ghana can reach universal financial access key demographics using innovative technology