At Taimako, inclusivity is paramount to our purpose of existence and numerous initiatives we look to implement. We recognize the marginalisation that women and youth face in their efforts to be relevant in society, and look at how they can be groomed from the grassroot level till adulthood. This exposes the demographic to essential life skills and various trainings to ensure they continue to strive for a seat at the table of decision-making in their respective communities. This aligns with the United Nation's SDG 10 which aims to reduce inequalities in our societies, especially towards women and to some respect youth in our societal setups.

Distributing sanitary items to adolescent girls.

by Robert

Personal hygiene is important for young and developing girls to understand the various

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Why Support Women and Youth Empowerment?

Women and youth constitute the lion's share of the world's population but also constitute the majority that have been marginalized. In creating a more inclusive society in our local communities, Taimako foundation is looking to identify the shortcomings of our traditional ways and providing a platform where women and youth can learn and contribute to their personal development to essential human resources in their respective communities and the country in the grand scheme of things.

An extra year of education can help a girl earn 15-25% more as an adult

Educated mothers are more than twice as likely to send their children to school

Girls who complete secondary school are 3 times less likely to become child brides.