The absence of potable water is very telling in marginalized communities in Ghana. Embedded in Taimako's blueprint is a focus on alleviating just that. In focusing on providing water for communities we are looking to put the issue of water shortage and inaccessibility behind us.
As stated in aspects of SDG 6, the prospect of supplying water to address water scarcity and substantially reduce the number of people suffering from water scarcity in rural communities is a problem we are keen to address.

Construction of 5 boreholes in selected communities

by Ben Sackey

Northen Region, Ghana, Ghana

Potable water has remained an issue in our rural communities. A lot of communities

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Why Support Water?

It is a known fact that access to water in rural community setups is an issue riddling communities in our part of the world. The vast majority of water used for domestic and commercial purposes is obtained from a single source. This source serves multiple purposes as provider of water and discarding of liquid waste materials. This is simply not good enough and impacts the living standards of rural inhabitants.
Taimako identified this ailing challenge of water accessibility and aims to offer assistance through strategic and prudent potable water solutions for rural communities.

66 percent of Sub-Saharan Africa's population relies on surface water for consumption and other purposes.

Introducing robust water projects that provide potable water to communities ensures that water problem is an issue of the past.

2025 is targeted to be the year where access to a safe and potable source of water supply, meeting the basic needs for all.