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Hand in hand we grow

Taimako is a socially responsible and responsive foundation. We seek to recognize the special needs of all with the aim of building a balanced, just and equitable society that gives hope and a chance to all citizens to grow and thrive.
Taimako is a registered NGO under ‘’The Companies code, 1963 (Act 179). It was established in June 2017, to provide development assistance in the areas, Agricultural Transformation, Renewable Energy, Behavioral Impact, Water, Financial Inclusion and Women & Youth Empowerment.

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire a society that is responsive to the needs of the vulnerable and marginalized. We want to be active partakers in the business of sustainable development and world conservation.

Our Vision

We aim to be the primary aggregator for all levels of development related projects in the sub-region in the short term and globally in the long term.

Our Core Values

While our mission and vision keep us aligned to a common goal, our company values act as our guiding principles in how we must operate to reach that goal.

We believe clarity between ourselves and our clients grants us the opportunity to better interact and come up with creative solutions.


We deliver our services in an ethically appropriate manner, with respect to the sensibilities of our clients and their needs.


This is the bedrock of all our commercial activity guaranteeing that a promised output will be effectively delivered to satisfy the demands of our clients.


Being responsible to our clients is of high priority. We therefore seek to deliver our services respecting the time and demands of our clients.

Taimako's Journey

Inspiration comes in many forms, the experiences people face greatly influences their perspectives and approaches in life. The Taimako Foundation is no exception to this. The ability to sympathize and empathize with others is one that is greatly underestimated. Our founder through years of experience channeled into these emotions and harnessed them to spark the idea of Taimako.

The expression ‘Taimako’ is derived from Hausa which literally translates to the giving of alms.  The name was selected to represent a rich African culture with deep seated roots in Ghana. We aspire to embody this heritage in our hope of pursuing our collective destiny by having one foot in the past and the other in the present. Taimako Foundation through the years, has metamorphosed into a beacon of hope for underprivileged and marginalized communities in Sub-Saharan Africa, bringing them opportunities and avenues that prior were never before conceived. The idea is to integrate rural communities into the fold of the national community, offering them a seat at the table in matters related to development and social inclusion. The opportunity to give to those who are not fortunate to have is core to what we believe in and the image we want to portray. At this juncture, it is worth noting that not every entity or individual has the capacity to reach out in efforts to help, and as such, the need for Taimako to evolve with the times and identify other approaches certifying our relevance for the present and future. The targeting of certain core areas give our work a tunnel vision, helping us to prioritize which areas require our attention. In ensuring that our community outreach attempts are impactful our efforts have targeted agriculture, renewable energy, financial inclusion, behavioral impact and water to direct our projects and interventions. We are certain that the interventions directed in these focus areas will reap benefits in ensuring inclusion of rural communities in present day Ghana.

In satisfying our insatiable hunger for impactful change, we have joined hands with other business and non-business entities with a presence in our focus areas in ensuring that we can leave our mark on the sector. These entities will provide guidance, and the much-needed assistance in maneuvering a tricky sector. Together we are certain we can bring impactful change to as many underprivileged rural communities as possible.



Meet the Team

We pride ourselves with capitalizing on our far-reaching human resource to bring you the best opportunities available. We surround ourselves with passionate people pooling a plethora of experience, and techniques in inducing sustainable developmental projects.

Our team is driven by the numerous opportunities left unexplored in our part of the world. We capitalize on our youth and ingenuity to identify the challenges faced by marginalized populations. We recognize the policy and institutional gaps that hinder our collective growth and we are by this poised to induce meaningful change through our community-driven sustainable projects.

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