Construction of Rural Service Centers (RSC)

by Ben Sackey

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Western and Central Region, Ghana, Ghana

Ben Sackey

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Campaign Story

We have identified the efforts made by locally situated SMEs in supporting agriculture. These efforts have been hindered by the lack of a central operating point. Taimako recognizes the need to support these SMEs with the establishment of the RSC as an office hub for dispensing a multiplexity of agricultural services. The objective of the Rural Service Centres is to bring agricultural services to the doorsteps of cocoa farmers within their target communities. Farm services including but not limited to farm land management services, weeding, harvesting, sale of agricultural tools, training program organization and implementation are to be made available at the farming communities through our RSCs.  A number of justifications exist for the pursuit and execution of the

Rural Service Center (RSC) concept, based on extensive feedback from community engagement programs.
The categorization of these justifications outlines the far-reaching nature of the benefits associated with this program and how it directly feeds the needs of the local markets and clientele.  To begin with, we encountered a sharp and glaring deficit in the availability of appropriate tools and equipment for the carrying out of cocoa agriculture. Additionally, smallholder farmers within the cocoa sector have lacked access to credit to support their activities. This implies that they have over the years operated a strict cash and carry system which often hinders their ability to request for labour services or purchase novel tools and infrastructure. Lastly, the aging
population of cocoa farmers threatens the sustainability of the sector. Ordinarily, farmlands that should be producing large harvests have seen yield drops due to the inability of the aged farmer to effectively utilize the land. The RSC through its access to finance schemes, farm service provision, and sale of appropriate tools, therefore provides a timely, appropriate and accessible solution to a glaring problem at the community level.