Agricultural Projects

What we seek to do is to convert promises into tangibles. Our reason for investing in agriculture boils down to our belief that the transformational era of agriculture has arrived and we are particularly hopeful for a brighter and better future for the whole value chain.
As stated in SDG Target 2.4, which looks to ensure sustainable food production systems and implement resilient agricultural practices that increase productivity and production and maintain ecosystems that strengthen capacity for adaptation to climate change. This is the driving force of our pursuit of agricultural transformation.

Campaigns by: Robert

Distributing 100 mistblowers to smallholder farmers

by Robert

Ghana, West Africa

The local agricultural sector needs a massive shakeup in terms of the tools and equipme

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Why Support Agriculture?

Our sustained love for agriculture and our vision of sustainability and efficiency in its practice have guided us to strategically invest our time and efforts here.

We take inspiration from the SDGs in our backing of agriculture. In ensuring that the necessary measures are put in place to reinvigorate a dwindling food basket, we plan to invest our energies in ensuring the sustainability in rural agricultural farming methods and sustainable production of food for rural communities through our innovative projects.

Dwindling food basket and generally bleak prospects regarding food security for rural Ghanaian communities.

Investing in African agriculture is 11 times more effective in reducing poverty than investing in other sectors.

Agriculture provides employment for 63% of the sub-Sahara African population and creates 30% of its wealth.


The role of agriculture in sustaining the human race cannot be overemphasized so it stands to reason that forward-thinking organizations look favourably upon supporting agriculture.
There’s the need to the efforts made by women in the agricultural sector. Agriculture is the backbone of the rural economy and it is with it we pave a future for our children.
Leticia Yankey Representative, Cocoa Mmaa
The knowledge impartation I have received is what has given me an edge over the competition. There is a pressing need to update our agricultural practices for the sake of our environment.
Emil Anyormi Representative, Agrisus Consult Ltd
There is the need for the youth to be innovative and adopt sustainable practices that would help transform the agricultural sector in rural Ghana.
Louis Danso Representative, L&L Agro Input Services